PURPOSE:To eliminate the trouble due to shortage of oil by monitoring the amount of engine oil dispersed by a dipper in a unit time and informing that the amount of oil in a case reaches the allowable lower limit, when the amount of engine oil reduces below a set value. CONSTITUTION:A dipper 4 is installed onto a crankshaft 3, and stirs the engine oil A in a crankcase 2 according to the revolution of the shaft 3, through the driving of an engine 1, and the oil is dispersed into the case 2. When the amount of oil A is over the allowable lower limit a chamber B and one divided chamber 5c are filled with oil A, and a pressure switch K3 does not operate, since the variation of the gas pressure in the case 2 which is caused by the vertical movement of a piston does not directly act onto a diaphragm 5f. On the other hand, when the amount of oil A reduces below the allowable lower limit, and the chamber B and the other divided chamber 5c are short of oil A, the variation of gas pressure directly acts onto the diaphragm 5f, and the pressure switch K3 operates, and a monitor output is output, so the trouble due to shortage of oil can be prevented.




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