Termite repelling foamed polystyrol product and method for producing the same



<P>PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a heat insulating material made of a foamed polystyrol, and having excellent termite-controlling functions and safety to human-beings and beasts. <P>SOLUTION: The termite repelling foamed polystyrol product is obtained by using thiamethoxam as a termite-controlling agent, and produced by spraying a water 14 mixed with the thiamethoxam on raw material beads B1 in a step for pre-foaming the raw material beads B1 by a pre-foaming machine 1. The concentration of the thiamethoxam in the mixed water 14 is preferably ≥0.2%, and the amount thereof added to the raw material beads B1 is preferably 5-20% by weight. The proportion of the thiamethoxam contained in the heat-insulating material D is preferably 200-600 ppm by weight. The thiamethoxam is classified to class A in the toxicity to fish, and has the low toxicity to the human beings and beats, and the high functions for controlling the termite. <P>COPYRIGHT: (C)2009,JPO&INPIT
【課題】シロアリの駆除機能と人畜への安全性とに優れた発泡スチロール製断熱材を提供する。 【手段】防蟻剤にチアメトキサムを使用しており、原料ビーズB1を予備発泡機1で予備発泡させる工程中に、原料ビーズB1にチアメトキサムの混合水14を噴霧する。混合水14におけるチアメトキサムの濃度は0.2%以上が好適であり、原料ビーズB1への添加量は重量比で5〜20%が好適である。断熱材Dに対するチアメトキサムの含有割合は重量比で200〜600ppmが好適である。チアメトキサムは対魚類毒性がA類であって人畜への毒性は低く、かつ、シロアリの駆除機能は高い。 【選択図】図1




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