<P>PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To eliminate a gap between a lower end part of an electromagnetic wave shielding curtain and a floor of an electromagnetic shielding structure by eliminating the harmful influence of alignment mismatch, caused between the lower end part of the electromagnetic wave shielding curtain and the floor, and secular change, etc. of a member. <P>SOLUTION: By a lower shield gap eliminating means constituted by an electromagnet Mg(i) provided below a curtain contact member 22 on a floor side, a floor contact member 11 fixed to the lower end part of the electromagnetic wave shielding curtain 9 is magnetically attracted and pulled, to make the floor contact member 11 stick fast to the curtain contact member 22. Thereby the harmful influence of mismatch of alignment, caused between the curtain contact member 22 and the floor contact member 11, and warping and deflection, etc. caused by secular change, etc. of the floor contact member is suppressed, and the lower end part of the electromagnetic wave shielding curtain 9 is electrically connected to the curtain contact member 22 on the floor side without fail, to acquire a short circuit resistance value required for electromagnetic shielding. <P>COPYRIGHT: (C)2007,JPO&INPIT
【課題】 電磁波シールドカーテンの下端部と床面との間に生じる合わせの不整合や部材の経年変化等による悪影響を排除して電磁波シールドカーテンの下端部と電磁遮蔽構造の床面との間の間隙を解消する。 【解決手段】 床面側のカーテン当接部材22の下方に設けられた電磁石Mg(i)によって構成される下部シールド間隙解消手段で電磁波シールドカーテン9の下端部に固設された床面当接部材11を磁気的に吸着して引き寄せることで床面当接部材11をカーテン当接部材22に密着させ、カーテン当接部材22と床面当接部材11との間に生じる合わせの不整合や床面当接部材の経年変化等で生じる反りや撓み等の悪影響を抑えて電磁波シールドカーテン9の下端部と床面側のカーテン当接部材22との間の電気的な接続を確実なものとし、電磁遮蔽に必要とされる短絡抵抗値を得る。 【選択図】図6




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