Free cutting, case hardening steel with high toughness



(57)【要約】 Pb非添加でPb添加快削鋼と同等以上の切削処理性を 含めた被削性に効果があると共に、優れた靭性を兼ね備 えた快削高靭性肌焼鋼の製造が可能となる。 【解決手段】 C:0.10〜0.30、Si:0.1 0〜0.30、Mn:0.60〜1.00、P:0.0 05〜0.030、S:0.005〜0.040、N i:0.70以下、Cr:0.40〜1.25、Mo: 0.40以下、Al:0.010〜0.050、Nb: 0.010〜0.050、B:0.0050〜0.01 50、N:(0.004+B/0.77)〜0.025 (以上、mass%)を含み、残部が実質的にFeから なり、更に、B/N比が0.4以上である。
PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To manufacture free cutting and case hardening steel with high toughness excellent in machinability (including chip disposability) equal to or higher than that of Pb-added free cutting steel, and has excellent toughness. SOLUTION: The steel has a composition consisting of, by mass, 0.10-0.30% C, 0.10-0.30% Si, 0.60-1.00 Mn, 0.005-0.030% P, 0.005-0.040% S, ≤0.70% Ni, 0.40-1.25% Cr, ≤0.40% Mo, 0.010-0.050% Al, 0.010-0.050% Nb, 0.0050-0.0150% B, (0.004+B/0.77) to 0.025% N and the balance essentially Fe and further satisfying B/N ≥0.4. COPYRIGHT: (C)2002,JPO




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