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CN-101061566-A: 冷阴极荧光灯 patent, CN-101061852-A: Method of cooking nutritious salted cabbage patent, CN-101062144-A: 一种治疗沸水烫伤的外涂药物及制备方法 patent, CN-101062363-A: 活血通栓中药组合物 patent, CN-101062566-A: 多功能切制具 patent, CN-101062822-A: 两段式联合厌氧消化工艺 patent, CN-101063258-A: 缝纫机的调线装置 patent, CN-101063416-A: Plate non-return valve with lateral downstream and control edge patent, CN-101063986-A: Apparatus and method for recognizing irradiation-enabled area of beam irradiating device and for establishing a moving path of the device patent, CN-101064234-A: Apparatus and method for ion implanatation leading to partial ion implant energy patent, CN-101064323-A: 电光装置、电子设备、及电光装置的制造方法 patent, CN-101064789-A: 摄像装置及固体摄像装置的驱动方法 patent, CN-101065371-A: 脂环式环氧(甲基)丙烯酸酯及其制备方法、以及共聚物 patent, CN-101065477-A: 物质的制备方法 patent, CN-101066047-A: 野生马鲛鱼的人工繁育方法 patent, CN-101066492-A: Multi-stage expanded emergency escape slope system patent, CN-101066494-A: 可探测报警、自动启闭的速喷式灭火装置 patent, CN-101067052-A: Process for producing fusible refractory heat-insulating coating material and method of utilization thereof patent, CN-101067543-A: 多功能深度游标尺 patent, CN-101068782-A: 合成4-(3-磺酰基苯基)-哌啶类的方法 patent, CN-101070254-A: Method for producing organic fertilizer using formaldehyde waste water to ferment patent, CN-101070551-A: Use of krev alcohol in preparing antioxidation agent patent, CN-101073270-A: Electronic image processing method and device with linked random generators patent, CN-101073326-A: Effecient Chinese-medicinal insecticide patent, CN-101073678-A: 组织工程化静脉瓣及其制备方法 patent, CN-101074599-A: 自动往复液压油缸式抽油机 patent, CN-101074740-A: Pressure water valve patent, CN-101074952-A: Immune fluorescent marking method for naked plant pollen tube microtubule skeleton and its use patent, CN-101076204-A: Hearing aid equipment with feedback detection and corresponding method patent, CN-101076808-A: Known missing data record patent, CN-101077281-A: 自洁洗脚桶 patent, CN-101077350-A: Compostion and method of treating gonad dysfunction patent, CN-101077589-A: Rail plate mold patent, CN-101077963-A: 压敏粘着片 patent, CN-101078056-A: 一种利用废水废渣提取有价元素的方法 patent, CN-101078061-A: Method for treating middle and low grade nickel laterite patent, CN-101078434-A: 车辆起步控制装置和方法 patent, CN-101078626-A: Digital sun sensor calibration method and device patent, CN-101078659-A: Method and device for measuring vector pressure taking advantage of capacitance change patent, CN-101078830-A: Liquid crystal display device and method for making the same patent, CN-101079151-A: 360 degree around panorama generation method based on serial static image patent, CN-101079206-A: 一种用随机撒布标识物生产无重复标识图案的方法 patent, CN-101079517-A: 装载在信息处理设备中的天线装置 patent, CN-101080121-A: 一种有机电致发光器件及其制备方法 patent, CN-101080644-A: 用于补偿主磁体的场漂移的磁共振成像设备、方法和计算机程序 patent, CN-101080680-A: Multi-function timepiece including a plurality of types of hand-moving wheel trains patent, CN-101080692-A: Method for initialising an electronic system comprising several plug-in attachments patent, CN-101083478-A: 一种防盗移动终端及其防盗方法 patent, CN-101083577-A: Reinforced network transmission method and hardware device patent, CN-101084040-A: 用于成人和儿科患者的自动体外除纤颤器 patent, CN-101084276-A: Aprotic polymer/molten salt ternary mixture solvent, method for the production and use thereof in electrochemical systems patent, CN-101084433-A: 选择性气敏传感器 patent, CN-101085427-A: Broad applied slide platform for physical experiment patent, CN-101085617-A: 自行车液压制动驱动装置 patent, CN-101085833-A: 可溶性含氟芳香聚酰亚胺及其合成方法 patent, CN-101086863-A: 光盘装置及其散焦值设定方法 patent, CN-101086997-A: Semiconductor device, manufacturing method thereof, electro-optical device and electric device patent, CN-101087661-A: Electrostatic coater patent, CN-101088072-A: 用于监视基于交易的系统的方法和系统 patent, CN-101088226-A: Interference suppression in radio receivers patent, CN-101088339-A: 一种含银杏酸的复合杀螺剂及其制备方法 patent, CN-101090815-A: Lightweight, fiber-reinforced cementitious panels patent, CN-101091094-A: Arcelik anonim sirketi (tr) patent, CN-101092038-A: United cutting tools patent, CN-101092304-A: SiC晶须增韧碳氮化钛基金属陶瓷切削刀片及其制备方法 patent, CN-101093053-A: Protective layer of alumina patent, CN-101093215-A: 对肺癌筛查和预后评估的质谱试剂盒和方法 patent, CN-101093719-A: Method for protecting hearing ability, and audio playing system with function of protecting hearing ability patent, CN-101093957-A: Direct current/direct current transducer with modified type transient response patent, CN-101094318-A: Multifunctional pick-up head patent, CN-101094983-A: 燃料供给泵 patent, CN-101095425-A: 一种焙烤食品用的馅料 patent, CN-101095976-A: Body-building pen patent, CN-101096231-A: Stiff packing box and forming method thereof patent, CN-101096336-A: 对苯二甲酸加氢制对苯二甲醇的方法 patent, CN-101096575-A: Polishing liquid for hand disk wafer and preparation method thereof patent, CN-101096764-A: Aluminum and aerobronze composite heat sink chemical etching partial electroplating or chemical plating process patent, CN-101097058-A: 用于锅炉的换热管装置 patent, CN-101097785-A: 自动遮阳机构 patent, CN-101098474-A: Wireless remote LED display screen control transmission system patent, CN-101098635-A: 非燃烧型吸烟物品用碳质热源组合物 patent, CN-101098831-A: Anaerobic treatment apparatus and method patent, CN-101099407-A: 车辆信息通信系统及方法、管理服务器、车载装置 patent, CN-101099604-A: 电热帽子 patent, CN-101100612-A: Emulsified diesel oil and preparation method thereof patent, CN-101101543-A: Integrated type single-core, multiple-mode processor and its instruction enforcement method patent, CN-101103020-A: Cgrp受体拮抗剂 patent, CN-101103032-A: 双环吡咯衍生物 patent, CN-101103431-A: Distortion correcting device of X-ray image tube patent, CN-101103997-A: 着色药用炭薄膜衣片剂制备方法 patent, CN-101104332-A: 用于制造接触承印物的元件的方法 patent, CN-101104381-A: 轮式车辆的悬架系统以及配备有该悬架系统的轮式车辆 patent, CN-101104971-A: Viscose fiber spinning dyeing embroidery thread and producing method thereof patent, CN-101105304-A: Air conditioner having image display function patent, CN-101105629-A: Light solidifying/heat solidifying one-part welding resistant agent composition and printing circuit plate patent, CN-101105809-A: Apparatus and method for displaying multimedia data patent, CN-101105844-A: 管理工作流的系统以及管理工作流的方法 patent, CN-101106118-A: Chip encapsulation structure patent, CN-101106456-A: 在线身份的双因子认证方法和系统 patent, CN-101106700-A: 视频监控系统中的智能化目标细节捕获装置及方法 patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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